In addition to providing sustainable, affordable, and standardized text- and data-mining services for large datasets, CADRE will offer extensive tutorials on how to work with our platform and datasets. Take a look at some resources for how to take full advantage of CADRE.

Visit CADRE's Kaltura channel for closed-captioned videos. If you have any trouble accessing our Kaltura page, let us know.

Informational Videos and Demos:

CADRE Beta Launch Tour

Empowering Data-Driven Research through an Open, Accessible Data Infrastructure

CADRE: A one-stop shop for scholarly data access, sharing, and reproducible computation

ISSI 2019: CADRE Workshop

ISSI 2019: CADRE Tutorial

Open Science Forum: CADRE Talk and Demo

OCLC Research Works in Progress Webinar: Overview of CADRE

IMLS presentation: Brief overview of CADRE

CADRE Fellows Webinar Series:

The global network of air links and scientific collaboration – a quasi-experimental analysis

Comparative analysis of legacy and emerging journals in mathematical biology

What types of novelty are most disruptive?

All quiet on the endless frontier? Characterizing the changing nature of innovation in science and technology

Understanding Citation Impact of Scientific Publications Through Ego-Centered Citation Networks

MCAP: Mapping Collaborations and Partnerships in SDG Research

Assessing the Rise of China as a Scientific Nation

Data Access/General User Application:

To request data access, please first read the CADRE Data Access Policy. You can then complete the CADRE General Data User Application. Upon approval, data enclave access is provided by IUNI Data Manager Matthew Hutchinson.

User Story Collection Form

We rely heavily on user stories and use cases to create a platform that is helpful to every type of academic researcher. To tell us what you want to see in our platform, share your user story. Please note, this form takes you to the IU Network Science Institute website.