Empowering Data-Driven Research through an Open, Accessible Data Infrastructure

Join CADRE at the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) conference at 3:30 p.m. ET on Wedensday, April 22.

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CADRE's Jamie Wittenberg (IU Libraries) will present a project briefing about CADRE called "Empowering Data-Driven Research through an Open, Accessible Data Infrastructure." She will talk about the important issues the CADRE project solves for bibliometric researchers and academic libraries working with research data -- her talk will be recorded.

While the in-person CNI meeting was cancelled, project briefings will be held virtually.

If you're planning to attend CNI, make sure you add this exciting CADRE event to your calendar! Othwerwise, you can catch Jamie's presentation once it's recorded and added to the CADRE site.

Abstract: Bibliometric researchers and academic libraries are facing a research data crisis. Libraries that can afford to purchase big bibliometric datasets often can’t afford to provide the necessary infrastructure to make the data usable, including services to host, clean, and update data, provide data security, or create a feasible data-mining interface. The Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment (CADRE), funded across nine university libraries from Big Ten Academic Alliance institutions, is building an affordable, cloud-based infrastructure that will accomplish all of these functions and give researchers better access to the data. By maintaining a shared infrastructure for standardized, high-quality data and promoting Digital Object Identifiers, CADRE will advance reproducibility in research and improve data provenance. Additionally, we will empower researchers to work with big data by offering a GUI query-builder for easy querying, a coding environment for creating data-analysis and visualization tools, a marketplace for sharing and reproducing tools and research, and a personal repository for saving results.