Community: The First of Five Pillars Supporting our Mission

CADRE is working to solve a broad range of problems faced by academic libraries and researchers.

With so many different platform features and facets, it can be difficult to nail down what exactly CADRE is setting out to do. To help, we are breaking CADRE’s mission down into five core principles.

These five pillars are the foundation that supports our ultimate goal, as they define why we are creating the platform. Over the next couple of months, you will be introduced to each pillar: Community, Access, Data, Reproducibility, and Empowerment (another CADRE, if you hadn’t noticed!).

Today, we are going to talk about the Community pillar and how CADRE is creating a community of researchers who will use the platform, as well as a community of stakeholders who are building it.

Community of builders

CADRE is built upon shared resources and ideas to help academic libraries and their individual patrons work more effectively with big data.

One critical resource in the community of builders is the IT team, which is tasked with hosting, cleaning, and securing the datasets. The IT team is also building the environment these enormous datasets can live within and creating an array of tools to allow CADRE users to work with that data.

Before the IT team could begin its work, however, the initial foundation for the platform was laid through the partnership of nine Big Ten Academic Alliance libraries that came together to support CADRE. These libraries believe provisioning big datasets for patrons is the modern equivalent of the collection building and stewardship roles libraries have always been entrusted with.

The libraries contribute financial and technical resources, as well as their expertise in what potential users would require from CADRE. The libraries also found that leveraging data resources and expertise would require them to collaborate with industry partners, including Web of Science Group and Microsoft Research, and data infrastructure partners, including the Midwest, South, and West Big Data Hubs.

Community of users

We are ultimately building this platform for the broad range of users who will benefit from it. Potential users include researchers working with big bibliometric data, who work across various disciplines, as well as librarians who want to provide standardized big data to their patrons.

CADRE tools, such as the GUI query builder for data mining and the RAC Marketplace for reproducing research, allow communities of researchers to work within the same environment, no matter their skill level in working with big data, text- and data-mining, or data analysis.

CADRE brings together these communities of researchers by encouraging them to build off of each other's work and creating shared standards and data to work from. The end result makes collaborating on research within the same environment much easier.

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