CADRE Fellow

MCAP: Mapping Collaborations and Partnerships in SDG Research

Jane Payumo's picture  Jane Payumo
Devin Higgins's picture  Devin Higgins
Scout Calvert's picture  Scout Calvert
Guangming He's picture  Guangming He
Anusha Manjunatha's picture  Anusha Manjunatha

This project will build on the WoS report “Navigating the Structure of Research on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),” as the researchers search for patterns of global collaboration and support the United Nations’ SDG call for action.

Researchers will design a prototype to analyze and visualize the input-output of partnerships over time in SDG-supportive research. They also plan to create a scoring measure or partnership index that defines and conducts partnership analytics for SDGs by using data sourced from WoS and MAG.

In Febraury 2021, the researchers published their work in Frontiers Research Metrics and Analytics. They've also created a reproducible package for their work, available in the Marketplace.

More about the researchers:

  • Jane Payumo, academic specialist and research and data evaluation manager, MSU AgBioResearch, Michigan State University
  • Devin Higgins, digital library programmer, MSU Libraries, Michigan State University
  • Scout Calvert, data librarian, MSU Libraries, Michigan State University
  • Guangming He, information management analyst, MSU Innovation Center, Michigan State University
  • Anusha Manjunatha, data research analyst, MSU AgBioResearch, Michigan State University