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Is My Institution Eligible for a CADRE Trial?

CADRE offers a three-month, no-cost trial period for institutions interested in trying CADRE’s services before committing funds to join the project. Trial users receive access to CADRE’s high-quality, standardized version of the Web of Science if the users already have institutional access to the dataset. If you are interested in subscribing to the Web of Science dataset so your institution’s researchers can access it on CADRE, please reach out to the Web of Science Group.

The other dataset available on the platform, Microsoft Academic Graph, is open and available to all users. If your institution does not subscribe to Web of Science, no trial is needed to access the rest of CADRE’s features.

During a trial, an institution’s researchers will receive the same level of access to the platform as our current partner institutions. It is important to note that CADRE is currently in beta and under development, so trial researchers will gain access to CADRE features as they become available.

Once a trial user logs into the CADRE Gateway, they will be required to fill out a user agreement form that identifies their institution, outlines the details of a trial period, and specifies user guidelines and data agreements researchers must adhere to while using the platform.

Request a private demo

We provide private, intensive demos for trialing institutions and their researchers who want to learn how to use the platform and talk to our researchers and developers. To request a private demo, contact us. You must be currently trialing or preparing to trial CADRE to take part in a demo. We are also happy to provide promotional materials about CADRE to distubte at your institution.

Usage statistics

A university will have until two weeks prior to the end of the three-month period to decide whether or not it will continue to use CADRE. The two-week time frame ensures researchers have enough time to remove their data and code from the platform if their institution doesn’t move forward with the partnership.

We can aid administrators in their decision to partner with CADRE by providing any use cases we received from an institution’s researchers, as well as sharing usage statistics that give administrators a better picture of how many of their researchers used CADRE and how often.

If you are interested in setting up a user trial for your institution, or if you have any questions for the CADRE team, contact us.